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TEFL Program (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)

The aim of the course is to prepare a US-Certified trainer accredited from the AIPS (The American Institute of Professional Studies), Who is fully ready to be a professional international teacher.

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Our vision is to prepare you for a successful teaching experience focusing on theoretical & practical teaching skills that equip novice teachers & inspire the experienced ones through the 3 parts of the program: Theoretical studies, observation & shadowing and the practical application.

Program Division:

It’s a 7-week program divided into:

  • Classroom-based learning time; a lecture for 5 hours once per week.
  • Observation & shadowing time; a flexible schedule from 9 to 9 to ensure getting into a class of each stage with experienced trainers.
  • Practice time; all participants are required to pass through a practical part of conducting Demos & peer teaching as well as real class teaching.

Program Objectives:

– Improve language awareness.

– Learn how to evaluate a course-book & other teaching resources.

– Develop familiarity with appropriate resources & materials and create suitable ones for young & adult learners.

– Get familiarity with language acquisition.

– Know the language techniques & methodologies for teaching young learners.

– Know how to teach the 4 macro skills (receptive & productive); listening, speaking, reading & writing.

– Know how to teach vocabulary, grammar & pronunciation.

– Classroom management & handling difficult participants.

– Error correction techniques.

– Use tools & body language.

– Use classroom tools.

– know the different gap fillers and how to anticipate problems.