Paid Ads


Herein at VM Consultations, we are fully aware that every penny must be put in its right place, not only the right place but in a place where it can be converted into sales and double the amount you paid in ads!
Hence, we work on focusing on Paid Media, which platform is the best for your brand, where is your target audience located, and who they are. All these factors are put into consideration when we put media buying strategy for our clients.
Paid Media is not just about paying money for an advertising platform to promote your ad content and reach more people, but it is a craft that must be mastered to get the highest possible results at the lowest possible cost.


  • Marketing Strategy for Media Buying
  • Best targeting for your brand
  • Create the best content about your brand to use
  • Appropriate pricing strategies for Media buying
  • Choosing the right advertising platforms for your business
  • Continuous monitoring and preparation of advertising campaigns


  1. Reach an audience base larger than your target segment: The average person spends more than two hours
    a day on the Internet, through paid ads you can reach the largest number of your target segment and faster
    than normal reach.
  2. Much More Accurate Targeting for the segment Audience: Through paid media, you can target your
    audience more accurately and more efficiently, as you can send your brand to your audience more accurately
    by specifying their age and interests.
  3. Cost-effectiveness: Through paid ads, you can pay only for the person who clicks on your ad or for the
    number of people who viewed your ad, and this is done by studying the appropriate pricing strategies for your
    ad and your industry

With VM Consultations you can implement your advertising campaign for paid media on different platforms without having to worry about them. Through the advertising services that we provide, you can achieve the appropriate traffic for a site through social media pages and through the landing page/your website.

Our paid media services:

  • Social Media Ads
  • Google Ads
  • PPC “pay-per-click ads”
  • Video Ads
  • Email Marketing